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Project Overview

The main goal of the I-DONT-FALL project is to deploy, pilot and evaluate a range of innovative technological solutions for fall detection and prevention management. The project will develop and evaluate a platform, which enables the prevention and detection of falls. Technological partners will provide their innovative solutions for fall detection and prevention that will be integrated into the platform. The effectiveness of these technological solutions will be evaluated by several health care organizations across Europe.

The platform will be flexibly configured to the needs of specific target groups and risk factors associated with fall incidents. Based on the I-DONT-FALL integrated platform: (a) End-users will enjoy tailored fall technological solutions, while (b) Medical experts and health professionals will be offered a wide range of tools, enabling them to customize fall solutions to the end-users’ needs. The effectiveness of the solutions will be tested by over 500 elderly users/ patients across different countries, cultures, age groups and fall risk factors. From a policy perspective, the project will elicit best practices for tailoring fall management solutions to specific risk factors, root causes and users’ (fallers’) needs.

***NEW*** I-DONT-FALL project organizes a final workshop in Rome. For more information, please check I-DONT-FALL Workshop

by Dr. Radut.